Step 1

Trained and certified Technicians will arrive at your home with their Duct cleaning equipments. They will start the work from the Furnace room after getting permission from the customer.

Step 2

Before Starting the work, we will protect the Floor and Sidewalls by putting drop sheets and Side Pillars.

Step 3

One Technician will Start the work in the basement/furnace room and the other one will go upstairs and will be covering all the supply and return grills to get Full Suction.

Step 4

Technicians will show The Before Picture of the Main Trunk Lines from inside.

Step 5

Technicians will bring the Vacuum from the truck unit through the Main Door to the Basement in the Furnace Room. Also the Hose to clean all the Registers with air pressure will be brought by the technician to the upstairs.

Step 6

Vacuum will be Connected to the Main Trunk Line. There are two Lines Supply and Return, Both Lines will be getting Clean individually.

Step 7

We will put the Vacuum on Supply Line and big Return Grills to clean them simultaneously. Then technicians will be going to Basement to clean Main Trunk Lines.

Step 8

Main Trunk Lines will be cleaned with the Snake Rods System, same line where the Vacuum is, technicians will be putting Snake Rods which goes to the far end to Bring all the dust and debris close to the Vacuum.

Step 9

Once Complete Cleaning is done technician will show you the After Picture and cleanup the work area.

Step 10

Before leaving we will make sure customer is satisfy with the work done.

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