Step 1

Trained professionals will be coming to your home with their Duct Cleaning equipment. With your approval they will start the work from the Furnace room in the basement.

Step 2

With proper care our technician will bring all the required equipment to your home, if we need, we will protect the Floor and Sidewalls by putting drop sheets.

Step 3

There are two lines on the top of the furnace (Supply & Return). We will make access holes to clean those lines if we found existing we will use them.

Step 4

Technician will click the Before Picture from inside of the duct work before starting any cleaning, so that we know what is the status of the duct work.

Step 5

We will be covering each vent while blowing with high pressure so that dirt and dust particle does not blow back and it will go directly to the major ductwork, where our vacuum is connected.

Step 6

Once we click the before picture we will connect the vacuum hose to the Main Trunk Line.

Step 7

When the vacuum hose is connected to supply line we will be air washing all the supply vents with 200Psi air pressure and same for the Return line.

Step 8

Once all the dust and debris from all the vents collected to the main duct work in the basement. Both Lines will be cleaned with the Semi Robotic Snake Rods System.

Step 9

Technician will be inserting the Snake Rods with different attachments which goes to the far end of the duct work to Bring all the dust and debris  to the Vacuum.

Step 10

Once Complete Cleaning is done technician will show you the After Picture of the same spot from where he took the before picture and will clean up the work area.

Step 11

Access holes will be Sealed properly so that there will be NO Air leakage.

Step 12

Before leaving we will make sure customer is satisfy with the work done.

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