Importance of Duct Cleaning before moving to a new home

A house is an important part of a happy life. Everyone wants to provide their loved ones with a happy and safe environment and when you consider the amount of time you spend indoors, safety becomes the number one priority. Therefore, one of the first steps as a homeowner is to get a duct inspection. A new house may seem like the safest it can be, but usually there is dust and debris that cannot be visible to the naked eye; leading to severe allergy over a period of time. Getting your HVAC system inspected and cleaning the ducts can be a small step towards a healthy start to your new life. 

You should be careful when you decide to buy an old house that has been previously occupied since you cannot confirm the living conditions the owners prior to you maintained. If the previous owners had pets and you are allergic, they might leave the house thinking they cleaned it for you but the ducts can contain fur and particles invisible to the naked eye. On the other hand, if you move into a brand new house, you can never be sure if all the health guidelines were followed by the contractor and builder. Along with that, if the house has been empty for a long period of time, it is prone to accumulate dust and debris leading to lifelong respiratory diseases.

Therefore, to have you “peace of mind”, it is highly recommended to prioritize duct cleaning before moving into a new home.