Save Energy this Summer

Energy conservation has become one of the biggest solutions for mankind in response to the growing threat of global warming. The growing population has also lead to depletion in the natural fuels leaving behind less for the future generation. Mishandling and overuse of these fuels and energy can cause the extinction of life on earth. Everyone can contribute in conserving energy on a day-to-day basis beginning in their own household. 


People tend to keep their Air conditioners turned on 24/7 during the summer without realizing it correct need. Using the AC only when it’s needed can help one save energy as well as reduce their monthly electrical consumption. It can also help the appliances last longer. This technique can also be used for the light bulbs around the house and the running water while brushing or washing dishes.


Petroleum is one of the main fuels that is consumed everyday in a huge amount. One can save a lot of money and petroleum by transporting in public transit. Cars should be used when more than three people travel together to consume the same amount of petrol that would be used for one.


House owners usually complain about their house not cooling or warming up fast enough. They end up investing in expensive and stronger HVAC systems to compensate it without realising that they could have used the older system and just needed some insulation done. These air holes around the house can also lead to CO2 emission. Another problem is using decade old HVAC systems to save some money. The older the system is, the more energy it takes to function and releases various harmful gases.


Using energy saving bulbs around the house and save energy along with monthly bill. Using sunlight during the day time to light around the house. Investing in solar panels in the roof of the house. Investing in low-flow shower heads in the bathroom.Similar to that, one can wash their clothes in warm or cold setting instead of hot. It causes less pressure on the water heater thermostat. Duct cleaning on a regular basis can help the HVAC system.