Top Three Reasons for a House Fire

Waking up with a news of house fire in the neighborhood is the scariest thing to imagine. In these uncertain times all we want is a safe environment for our family, friends and anyone around us.

There are few key elements in our house that we can take care and avoid any such situation in near future.

Top three items are Laundry Dryer Vent, Cooking Stove, and Barbecues.

Dryer Vent Lint

Lint in our laundry dryer is the most flammable product in the household. Over the time lint is collected in the dryer and its vent and with the high dryer temperature it can catch fire anytime. It is recommended to clean the dryer vent once a year. You can do it yourself or call a specialist to clean it for you. Remove visible lint from your dryer filter and vent after every load. You can use a vacuum to clean the lint as much possible. Never leave the laundry unattended.

Cooking Stove

Unattended cooking is one of the major reasons of fire in the household. Make sure that someone is close and watching the food while cooking. Never leave the stove on and go away for long time. Use utensils, mittens and paper towel properly to avoid any fire. Keep kids and pets  away from cooking area. Leave the kitchen once you ensure that cooking appliances are not turn on.


With summer season approaching we all Canadians look forward to the barbecue parties. Barbecue is one of the best ways of outdoor cooking and enjoying with family and friends. While using the barbecue please make sure that you are wearing proper clothes. Try wearing cotton wear and keep a safe distance from the fire. Use proper mittens while handling the food. Keep some water nearby incase of an emergency situation. Keep children and pets away and watch the food carefully.

There are several other things to take care for fire safety.

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